WARNING: T12 Retrofit Utility REBATES Set To Expire By The End Of 2016! Click here for details!
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Utility Incentive

Commercial Programs

Commercial rebate programs offer customers rebates to subsidize the cost of replacing or retrofitting to energy efficient lighting products that can improve their facilities' energy efficiency.

Energy efficient fixtures are the key to reducing your energy costs and lowering your energy use. Commercial rebate programs are designed to help you, the customer, implement energy efficient fixtures and products.

How The Offer Works

Customers will contact Utility Incentive to audit their facility and review their eligibility of implementing these energy efficient fixtures:

LED Lighting (Interior/Exterior)
Induction Lighting (Interior/Exterior)
ENERGY STAR Fluorescent Fixtures (Interior/Exterior)
LED Beverage Cooler Lighting (4'/5'/6' Doors)
T5 High Output Fixtures (High Bay/Stairwell)
T12 to T8 Retrofit (2'/3'/4'/6'/8'/U-Tube)
ECM Motor Installation (51/59 Frame)

Rebates are paid on a first-come first-serve basis until the utility funding has been exhausted.

What You'll Receive

You will receive an energy audit on your existing facilities energy use with a recommended retrofit or replacement plan for each rebated measure and application.

Who Can Participate

Eligibility for participation is based on each utility's guidelines and protocols.

Please call Utility Incentive for a complimentary energy audit of your facility: (858)488-3998

Did you know that we can change out most lighting for free?

That's right, for many property owners, the power companies will pay us to replace your old and inefficient lighting, so it's free to you.

To find out if your property qualifies for a free lighting upgrade, please fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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    Energy Conservation

    Utility Incentive Corp. has partnered with leading manufacturers to help make your property's energy saving transformation as efficient and professional as possible.

    All of our products are "Energy Star" and NEMA compliant, and all work is licensed, bonded, and insured.


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