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Utility Incentive


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is free, and designed to answer any questions you might have as a property owner with regards to retrofitting and replacing your existing lamps and fixtures. This would include information about eligibility for utility subsidies, and potentially a no cost lighting retrofit for your property. In addition, the consultation will include a cost and energy breakdown analysis. The different types of energy efficient fixtures, and their respective cost savings, will be compared to the properties existing fixtures and energy consumption.

Energy Audit

The energy audit is also free and will include a complete onsite audit of your properties current lighting platform. This would include the total amount of energy consumed by the current lighting system, and potential cost saving replacements that will help drive those costs down. Each energy audit is accompanied by current recommendations from local energy companies as well as an evaluation for eligibility of utility subsidies to perform the needed replacement and retrofitting for you.

Utility Application

If your property is found eligible for a lighting and fixture upgrade, we will handle the application process and follow through with the utility on your behalf. The process is hassle free, and you can enjoy your new lighting paid for by the local utilities.

UTILITY INCENTIVE Lighting Retrofit and or Relamp

We can retrofit your existing lighting fixtures with the latest NEMA compliant "flicker-free" T8 ballast and lamp combination.

Did you know that we can change out most lighting for free?

That's right, for many property owners, the power companies will pay us to replace your old and inefficient lighting, so it's free to you.

To find out if your property qualifies for a free lighting upgrade, please fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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    Energy Conservation

    Utility Incentive Corp. has partnered with leading manufacturers to help make your property's energy saving transformation as efficient and professional as possible.

    All of our products are "Energy Star" and NEMA compliant, and all work is licensed, bonded, and insured.


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